Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeping Hives

We thought it would be cool to show
you how Mark sets up a new hive.
These are our two newest additions, a Top Bar 
and a Warre Hive....

:: in two parts as our kiddos were filming!::

Seriously cool, huh?
Mark and the boys are way braver than I.
No thanks. 
I'll enjoy this experience via the videos!

Mark catching a swarm.
God sure made the honeybee quite the amazing little critter, huh?

Both hives, handcrafted by Bee Thinking are available 
on our website:
Blessings !

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All Things Bee at Homestead Store

So we're pretty excited to offer in our online store, some nifty
bee keeping supplies.
The kind folks at Bee Thinking are wonderful!
As bee keepers ourselves, we are very pleased with the high
quality of the product that we're offering.
These hives are made right here in Oregon !
Gotta love that, right?
This cool little gem below is a Warre Hive:

I thought I'd share a 'not too long ago' honey
extractor session right here on our farm/homestead.
Here is our mighty extractor ready to tackle the job!

Uncapping the frames.
We used a heated knife that slices off the wax
like butt-ah....

Oh my.
Would you just look at that golden goodness.

The uncapped frames go right into 
the spinner inside the extractor.
This is what comes out folks!
Pure Goodness.
Liquid Gold.
Sweet Delight.

Oh yes.
The beauty of it all.

We will be sharing our experience
with our new hives and how they're working out for us.
Stay tuned!