Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Drying in the Winter


Just to show you that we stand by what we make and sell - 
this picture is one of my drying racks that I use
thats our wood stove 
those are my husbands socks!


Blessings on your day!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Beauty Right Before Us.

We truly love life on our homestead
I will never take for granted the view right outside our front window...

At night.....

In the winter....

In Spring.
For a time, we turned some of our acreage into a nursery, growing

Evening sky.
We love this farm, and will spend the rest of our days
(Lord willing!)
making this homestead
Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Daily Life on a Homestead (or "our crazy fun farm life")!

Life is always an adventure, isn't it?
When you live on a farm, that adventure can take on
 a whole lot of meanings!
For example, on just one of our days from last week, 
caught a swarm
"found" two cows on our property
(neighbor cows, ended up keeping their bull here - which means
calves in the spring, yay!)
and got paid way too much money for dead chickens.....
Never a dull moment.

The picture above looks peaceful - and it is, we had
just caught a swarm and added it to this hive....had
this been taken 15 minutes earlier, we wouldn't be so close!

So, this stinker found his way into our chicken tractor
and had lunch.
In fact, he was so fat and happy that he couldn't get out.
We had never seen him before, so we called in proper help
and he was taken back to his owners.
I want to mention, that the owners couldn't
have been nicer, or more remorseful.
We refused restitution, stuff like this happens - you don't need
to make enemies over it. 
They insisted. 
We accepted.

Speaking of stinker dogs.
This is one of our labs.
She is a farm dog.
Farm dogs live outside.
Not this farm dog.
She went and got herself into a mess.
After several veterinarian visits, 
and looking like this for 5 weeks -
I'm happy to say she's back outside to being a farm dog! 

Always exciting around here, and into having fun - we are
very excited to be hosting a booth at the upcoming
Mother Earth News Fair
in Albany Oregon this weekend.

The main man behind it all is pretty
He has vision, and accomplishes whatever
he sets his mind to.
He designed this wall mounted drying rack!
If a rack can be beautiful, this one is.
I'm so proud of him.
(by the way, he and our kids made that farm table you see
for me too. Oh yea!)
Soon, this will be offered on our store:
Don 't think I can say it enough; we live
and love life around here.
So very Blessed.
When you're farm kids, who needs winter and snow to pull
a homestead made sled?
Have a Beautiful Day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memorial Weekend Sale!

Starting Friday, May 22 through Memorial Day
we are offering 15% off all of our drying racks!
Free Shipping.
Enter discount code:
at checkout.

Have a Blessed Weekend.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life on a Homestead....

I often think how incredibly blessed we are
to live where we live.

All the experiences our kids (no pun intended here!)
get to have growing up on a farm.

The amazing guy behind it all, my husband, teaches
them all about self sufficiency, hard work......and
even using what you have laying around to
build a pretty cool chicken tractor!

Yes,  there are times
when farm work isn't all that glorious!
Typical Oregon winter to do farm chores in: RAIN!

But we all love and live life.

Even the stinker cat, who waits for 
unsuspecting birds in my bird feeder.
The pill.

So grateful. 
So thankful.
So Blessed.
Even in the midst of difficulty, you can always find Joy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Just for Mom

Mothers Day Sale!

Through Monday only, we are offering 15% off all our 
Handcrafted Drying Racks.
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Give Mom a practical gift that keeps giving over and over!
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Keeping Hives

We thought it would be cool to show
you how Mark sets up a new hive.
These are our two newest additions, a Top Bar 
and a Warre Hive....

:: in two parts as our kiddos were filming!::

Seriously cool, huh?
Mark and the boys are way braver than I.
No thanks. 
I'll enjoy this experience via the videos!

Mark catching a swarm.
God sure made the honeybee quite the amazing little critter, huh?

Both hives, handcrafted by Bee Thinking are available 
on our website:
Blessings !

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All Things Bee at Homestead Store

So we're pretty excited to offer in our online store, some nifty
bee keeping supplies.
The kind folks at Bee Thinking are wonderful!
As bee keepers ourselves, we are very pleased with the high
quality of the product that we're offering.
These hives are made right here in Oregon !
Gotta love that, right?
This cool little gem below is a Warre Hive:

I thought I'd share a 'not too long ago' honey
extractor session right here on our farm/homestead.
Here is our mighty extractor ready to tackle the job!

Uncapping the frames.
We used a heated knife that slices off the wax
like butt-ah....

Oh my.
Would you just look at that golden goodness.

The uncapped frames go right into 
the spinner inside the extractor.
This is what comes out folks!
Pure Goodness.
Liquid Gold.
Sweet Delight.

Oh yes.
The beauty of it all.

We will be sharing our experience
with our new hives and how they're working out for us.
Stay tuned!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello there!
 We are the proud owners of Homestead Drying Racks and
The Homestead Store.
We are a family of 7 who have been homesteading for the past 20 + years.
We share daily life on our farm with cows, chickens, goats, honeybees and plenty of other critters
from season to season!
We live in the beautiful state of Oregon. 
It's that beautiful. 
This view is 15 minutes from our farm.
We have 5 kiddos.
(some homegrown, and some grown into our hearts by adoption)
They all think its pretty awesome to be called "farm kids" and wear it proudly!
We also grow produce and different kinds of berries.
We are busy - but extremely Blessed.
So we were very excited when God dropped this opportunity right 
into our lap to become the new owners of:
It's quite an amazing story that I'll share in a different post.
Did I mentioned we're Blessed?
Oh good.
I just did.
Here's the main Man behind it all. 
This guy works harder than anyone I know.
He has vision for his family.
(and his wife thinks he's pretty darn cute!)
Uh....that would be me!
All the kids work on this Homestead.
We couldn't do what we do without them - they really are amazing!

So there ya have it.
A little bit about us - I'm looking forward to blogging more about our lives, our products, family, farming, homeschooling.....
and everything in between!